Cartoon watch for kids

Children are restless by nature and their parents are always looking for a way to keep them busy. The kids are always excited when they receive innovative toys and gadgets as they are curious. So a watch is an ideal gift for a child who is above five years old, as it will teach the child how to read the time and the value of the time . While there are many watches available for children of all ages, one of the more interesting and inexpensive watches available is the 3D Cartoon Watch,children digital watch,kids wrist watch, which has a number of features to keep the child interested.

The 3D Cartoon Watch is available in five different designs and colors to suit girls and boys , however it is not recommended for children below the age of five years, as they may not understand how to use it. For children who love playing sports there are light blue and dark blue versions of the children digital watch with footballs and baseballs respectively. The light pink version of the watch has images of a girl and is the ideal gift for girls. The yellow cartoon watch has the images of yellow ducks, and the light green version has images of frogs, making these watches a suitable gift for children who like ducks and frogs.

The LED kids wrist watch has a quartz mechanism and a case which is round in shape. The dial window of the watch is made from glass and it has an analog dial. The numbers on the dial of the watch and watch hands are made of different colours yellow, red and blue. The band of the watch is made from silicone and the clasp of the watch is hidden. Though the watch is waterproof and will not be damaged in the rain, it is not recommended that the watch be used while swimming, diving or taking a shower. The watch has a dial diameter of 22 mm with a white background. The watch is battery operated and the battery type is SR626SW .

The band of the watch is 20 mm wide and approximately 215 mm long. The watch band is available in five different colours light blue, pink, dark blue, yellow and green, and each band has a different cartoon or image attached to it. The 3d cartoon watch has an option for lighting up the three cartoons along the sides of the watch. The child can also entertain himself or herself rotating the lighted images clockwise and anticlockwise for fun, as the watch will produce light in two different colors red and green.
So the cartoon watch is an ideal inexpensive quality gift for kids.

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