Time fraud of government, internet sector

Ruthless robber LIAR haryana R&AW employee MBA HR ruchika kinge continues with her TIME, BANKING FRAUD

Instead of questioning the patriotism of harmless hardworking indian citizens, R&AW/cbi should justify the TIME, BANKING FRAUD of their lazy greedy liar fraud employees like Ruthless robber LIAR haryana animal R&AW employee MBA HR ruchika kinge, why these employees are falsely claiming to own the BANK ACCOUNT of private citizens who they HATE and are not on talking terms with
The greedy shameless Ruthless robber LIAR haryana animal R&AW employee MBA HR ruchika kinge is not interested in starting her own business, opening her own paypal, bank account legally. Instead ruchika who is allegedly a cia stooge, is working in a american company xero in the HR department, and getting a good salary for working in the office

Yet in a major fraud of R&AW,cbi, ntro, haryana and indian government, they are falsely claiming that the Ruthless robber LIAR haryana animal R&AW employee MBA HR ruchika kinge, employee of american company, who has NO ONLINE INCOME according to her income tax returns, owns the paypal, bank account of a single woman engineer she hates, and CRIMINALLY DEFAMES.

Usually the business owner himself does most of the work for a small business, or they hire employees to do the work, after paying them salaries and managing the employee so that he or she is productive.when animal R&AW employee ruchika kinge is spending her time working for an american company and getting a monthly salary from the american company, on what basis is the indian, haryana government, ntro, raw, cbi making FAKE CLAIMS about the SHAMELESS LIAR FRAUD mba hr ruchika king

The karnal, haryana fraudster ruchika kinge and her fraud SUGAR DADDIES like mhow monster puneet have ruthless hounded the single woman engineer who legally owns the bank account for ten years, why does no one question the india’s top FRAUD MBA HR ruchika kinge on her BANKING, TIME FRAUD, why she and the haryana, indian government are making fake claims about bank account ownership criminally defaming the engineer