Young people encouraged to defame, harass hardworking older persons, waste their time

One of the most shocking trends in india, which the mainstream media does not cover is how young people encouraged to defame, harass hardworking older persons waste their time so that they can easily cheat and exploit them
For example though the domain investor alone wrote 5300+ articles through iwriter due the government’s open SLAVERY, google’s allegedly policy of rewarding LIES, CYBERCRIME, a large number of lazy greedy young frauds who did not write a single article like sindhi scammer student karan premchandani, haryana scammer mba hr ruchita kinge, goan bhandari scammer sisters sunaina, purvi, piyu chodan, their fraud cousin tejas are getting monthly government salaries only for making fake claims.
The fraud indian tech, internet companies, officials are planning to repeat the writing fraud wherever the domain investor goes to lazy greedy frauds , monthly government salaries for making fake claims, without doing any kind of work
When the domain investor went to purchase paneeer from the local shop, the young staff intentionally took a very long time to give the items which she ordered, wasting her time, knowing that the domain investor had left an article incomplete
When asked to hurry up the staff, openly insulted her in hindi, saying that she had no work at home,why was she in a hurry, when she is very busy.This shows that young people are being encouraged to treat older women as idle having no paid work at all.