Daily the Domain investor is wasting a huge amount of time to expose the COMPUTER WORK, RELATIONSHIP, FINANCIAL FRAUD of the well paid ntro/raw employees

Unlike the well paid ntro/raw employees who get monthly salaries the domain investor, a private citizen is only paid for the work she does.
Yet because of the RELATIONSHIP FRAUD of the ntro/raw employees who continue to falsely claim that all their FRAUDS on the domain investor they HATE are HELP, the domain investor is wasting a huge amount of time daily, to expose the indian and state government fraud
Everyday at least 3-4 hours are being wasted because of this government fraud, yet the indian and state governments especially in goa are completely devoid of honesty and humanity, continue with the COMPUTER WORK FRAUD.

Unlike most relationship frauds, betrayals the domain investor has not interacted with the raw/cbi/ntro employees yet they continue with their FRAUD of MISUSING the name of the domain investor, resulting in CRIMINAL TRESPASSING and making FAKE CLAIMS of domain ownership