Cybercriminal hackers waste time of hardworking single woman , preventing online hotel booking

For ten years google, tata, fraud indian internet companies have got raw/cbi jobs with monthly salaries for cheater, robber housewives COOKING, CLEANING for their crooked husbands falsely claiming that these crooked housewives, greedy frauds are doing computer work.
The fraud indian tech, internet companies are hacking the computers of a hardworking single woman and then falsely claiming that the work is done by the google, tata sponsored fraud housewives, call girls and other cheaters to get them monthly government salaries at the expense of the single woman
These cheater pampering rewarding fraud indian tech, internet companies led by google, tata are also ruthless CYBERCRIMINALS hacking the browser of the single woman so that their computer work, financial fraud is not exposed
In the latest cybercrime, when the single woman tried to book a holiday at a time share hotel, since she is paying a huge amount annually in maintenance fees, the cybercriminal hackers are not allowing the single woman to even check the availability.
Despite filling all the details, it is giving the message , Please select person travelling for Firefox and microsoft edge browser
At least 30 minutes are wasted due to the hacking of cybercriminal indian tech and internet companies yet government refuses to end its computer work fraud on the single woman