Many hours spent to troubleshoot and fix computer if it malfunctions

Government agencies refuse to acknowledge time spent by paypal account holders for getting computer repaired as part of government SLAVERY racket falsely giving credit to lazy greedy fraud CYBERCRIMINAL RAW/cbi employees
Though they make millions of dollars in profit, indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google, tata are extremely ruthless and GREEDY in their CYBERCRIME, online, banking fraud since 2010 ruthlessly CHEATING, EXPLOITING & ROBBING small business owners in the worst manner
Though the lazy greedy fraud relatives and friends of top government employees like goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan do not spend any money on domains at all, do not even purchase a computer showing that india’s top tech and internet companies’s employees are pathological LIARS these fraud companies are making fake claims and getting all these frauds lucrative government jobs at the expense of the real domain investor who is slandered in the worst manner
In addition to money, paypal account holders also have to spend a lot of time in getting their computer repaired. For example when the HP computer shut down, the domain investor had to visit the repair shop at least thrice. Additionally she also wasted her time testing the computer repeatedly. Yet though it is clear that the raw/cbi employees are not doing any computer work, the government refuses to end the computer work fraud.