Time fraud of government, internet sector

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Time required to supervise maidservants and caretakers should also be considered

Many people assume that keeping a maidservant and caretaker will leave the family members free
However, in all cases, when the maidservant , caretaker is new, one or more family member should supervise the maidservant, caretaker for at least a few months
So effectively the family member has to change their schedule
Sometimes the time taken for supervision is the same as doing the daily chores themselves especially if the maidservant has a very erratic schedule, coming at different times daily.

High status raw/cbi employees do not want to spend time doing computer work, so they slander/criminally defame hardworking citizens to get government jobs

This website network is worth reading because it exposes how high status well connected frauds are manipulating the government system in India, exploiting the loopholes, to get lucrative government jobs with fake resume, fake bank account, and fake investment.
Since High status raw/cbi employees do not want to spend time doing computer work, so they slander/criminally defame hardworking citizens who actually do computer work in the worst manner, to destroy their reputation completely so that no one believes the hardworking citizen and then get government jobs faking domain ownership, paypal, bank account, using stolen data
Though the government is wasting taxpayer money on these frauds , it is very corrupt and inefficient, so it refuses to admit that frauds are manipulating the system, end the wastage of taxpayer money.

2016 reddit post on government SLAVERY shows that top officials are aware that government employees do not spend time and money online

Though the intelligence and security agencies are falsely labelling the content as spam, in reality it exposes a very sophisticated government SLAVERY racket, of making a private citizen spend her time doing computer work, pay Rs4-5 lakh annually for domain renewals, and then falsely claim that government employees who do not spend any time, and money, own the paypal, bank account, domains of a private citizen to pay them a monthly salary at the expense of the real domain investor
To cover up the government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD, the real domain investor is slandered, criminally defamed in the worst manner.
Though the extremely greedy selfish dishonest government employes, tech and internet companies have zero integrity and refuse to admit that they are cheating and exploiting the domain investor, the government SLAVERY has been noticed in 2016 reddit post featuring the domain
After this the domain was banned in India since 2017,and remains banned till date.

lazy greedy panaji sindhi scammer brothers karan, nikhil premchandani defame hardworking single woman as idle to cover up their CYBERCRIME RACKET

One of the greatest banking frauds which the mainstream media is not covering is how the indian government continues to waste indian taxpayer to reward Shameless lazy greedy panaji sindhi scammer brothers karan, nikhil premchandani for their BANKING FRAUD on a hardworking single woman engineer, falsely claiming to own the paypal, bank account of single woman to get monthly government salaries at the expense of the single woman who legally owns the bank account
The Shameless lazy greedy panaji sindhi scammer brothers karan, nikhil premchandani are following the footsteps of their fraud parents, the kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer school dropout mother naina premchandani, father pran and do not want to open their own bank account legally since they do not want to do any computer work or invest money in domains
Instead allegedly helped by government employees tushar parekh, puneet, parmar, nikhil sha, sindhi officials,leaders Shameless lazy greedy panaji sindhi scammer brothers karan, nikhil premchandani are openly involved in CYBERCRIME, FINANCIAL FRAUD on a hardworking single womanengineer who has no one to help or defend her, stealing all her data and then falsely claiming that own her paypal, bank account to get monthly government salaries
These shameless scammer sindhi brothers,officials and leaders are also spreading false rumors than the hardworking single woman is idle to cover up their CYBERCRIME, BANKING FRAUD when they are aware that she has very less free time due to government SLAVERY

Young people encouraged to defame, harass hardworking older persons, waste their time

One of the most shocking trends in india, which the mainstream media does not cover is how young people encouraged to defame, harass hardworking older persons waste their time so that they can easily cheat and exploit them
For example though the domain investor alone wrote 5300+ articles through iwriter due the government’s open SLAVERY, google’s allegedly policy of rewarding LIES, CYBERCRIME, a large number of lazy greedy young frauds who did not write a single article like sindhi scammer student karan premchandani, haryana scammer mba hr ruchita kinge, goan bhandari scammer sisters sunaina, purvi, piyu chodan, their fraud cousin tejas are getting monthly government salaries only for making fake claims.
The fraud indian tech, internet companies, officials are planning to repeat the writing fraud wherever the domain investor goes to lazy greedy frauds , monthly government salaries for making fake claims, without doing any kind of work
When the domain investor went to purchase paneeer from the local shop, the young staff intentionally took a very long time to give the items which she ordered, wasting her time, knowing that the domain investor had left an article incomplete
When asked to hurry up the staff, openly insulted her in hindi, saying that she had no work at home,why was she in a hurry, when she is very busy.This shows that young people are being encouraged to treat older women as idle having no paid work at all.

To waste time of domain investor, monitor signal being hacked remotely

After running india’s biggest online, financial fraud since 2010, CHEATING, EXPLOITING, ROBBING a single woman domain investor, engineer, the masterminds of india’s greatest work at home fraud are realizing that they cannot sustain it further
So now the monitor of the domain investor is hacked, in another case of cybercrime to waste her time. The monitor is becoming blank after some time, without any reason, indicating that the monitor is being controlled remotely
This shows the extent of the harassment, cybercrime the domain investor is facing for the last few years
Now more money will have to be spent on a new monitor, display for checking