Indians wasting their time during lockdown watching celebrities, they should do something productive

Instead of posting celebrity news, indian websites should post gardening, crafting information
Reviewing the main websites during the lockdown , shows the lack of ideas in the indian media
A large number of educated people are wasting their time at home, during the lockdown and geting bored
Most of them do not realize that there will be few jobs in the next 4-5 months
Instead of using their time productively to learn something new , a skill which will help them, they are watching skimpily clad celebrities.
The domain investor was under full lockdown for nearly 8 years, all attempts to make some money were blocked, only in 2018 it was relaxed to some extent. She used the time to read a lot, improving vocabulary, gardening, stitching, crochet. There are lot of things a person can do at home, the indian online media should provide the information.