Removing goat weed from terrace is very time consuming

In the latest harassment of the panaji gujju xerox shop owner pran chandan, after failing to force a sale in June of the domain investor’s house, he has approached the local politician for help in forcing a house sale repeating his fake dengue allegations like a parrot.
Since his family has four votes, and is able to persuade others to join him in his fraud, the politician is making a noise and false allegations.
The domain investor had cleaned the terrace soon after the monsoon started and there is no pot where the water is accumulating. Also since the birds are eating almost all the seeds planted, there are almost no plants of any value on the terrace. The terrace is mainly covered with goat weed
The domain investor is not visiting the house often since the neighbours are extremely hostile and dangerous, so she is unable to remove the goat weed, The goat weed plants are very small. She also does not have the time to do so since she is wasting time fighting banking fraud, human rights abuses of four state governments.