Online payments blocked repeatedly in goa, to waste people’s time

Any ideas for dealing with paper due tomorrow morning?

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Any ideas for dealing with paper due tomorrow morning?

One of the reasons why the income of the domain investor has reduced, is because the security agencies are repeatedly blocking any payment from online companies, as part of the bribery deal with google, tata
in mumbai, the domain investor would open accounts in many companies, and the payment was always credited whenever due. In goa, she found that due to the negative attitude of mandrekar, caro, nayak almost all the websites were blocking her payment.
She had spent a lot of time to make money on these website, reach the minimum payout, yet the account was blocked
So the domain investor has stopped registering for new websites.

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There are two kinds of watches, one is the watch for time keeping, and the other is the watch in the neighbourhood The neighborhood watch is very lucrative, especially in panaji, goa, and those who are selected are given masterkeys to the houses in the area There is very less information about the neighborhood watch, and often dishonest people, robbers are given great powers in panaji goa, because they are good looking and have a well maintained house.