Liar Goan bhandari leaders, officials cannot prove that their pampered panaji prostitute R&AW employee sunaina chodan, offering sex services is spending time on computer

The goan bhandari officials and leaders led by pritesh chodankar, naik are some of the greatest liars and frauds in the world, pampering, protecting and rewarding lazy greedy goan bhandari prostitutes like R&AW employee slim sunaina chodan,2013 bsc, offering sex services to ntro and government employees with the help of her google, tata pimps

Since 2012, these fraud goan bhandari leaders and officials canot provide any proof at all that their favorite lazy greedy goan bhandari call girl slim sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc, who is only interested in offering sex services to government employees, is doing any work on the computer, spending her time and money.
Yet the goan bhandari leaders and officials are shameless frauds and liars, taking bribes from fraud companies like google, tata, putting a hardworking single woman engineer under surveillance for more than 7 years, and then abusing their powers, to make fake claims that the top goan bhandari call girl sunaina, a sex expert is a computer and internet expert.

When the goan governments favorite panaji prostitute sunaina chodan does not spend any time on the computer and online, does not make any money online, does not invest any money online, why are top goan bhandari leaders, pampering the panaji prostitute so much, and defaming the engineer spending her time doing the computer work, wasting taxpayer money in the process.