indian and state governments acknowledge the work done, time spent by maidservants at home, not some indian paypal account holders with their BANKING, TIME FRAUD

Indicating the rampant fraud in the indian internet and IT sector, for the last ten years indian and state governments acknowledge the work done, time spent by maidservants at home, not indian paypal account holders who are criminally defamed in the worst possible with fraud companies like google, tata falsely claiming that the lazy greedy goan call girls siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan, they supply to ntro employees for sex, their associates like the limping grey eyed christian lady of panaji, relatives and friends of top officials like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak caro, indore robber deepika, naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil who are not doing any computer work, not spending any time doing computer work, get away with their BANKING, ONLINE WORK, TIME FRAUD .

Fraud companies, google, tata, specialize in CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the hardworking honest skilled paypal account holder in the worst possible manner, destroying their credibility so that no one believes the paypal account holder, who is telling the truth, everyone believes the LIES of the section 420 fraud animal li,ke tata, google employees making FAKE CLAIMS about goan PROSTITUTES, ROBBERS, CHEATERS, SCHOOL DROPOUTS to get all the SEX SERVICE providers, cheaters, robbers, raw/cbi jobs with monthly salary at the expense of real paypal account holder

the LIAR CHEATER SHAMELESS raw/cbi employees are least interested in doing any work themselves, hiring anyone to do any work, yet fraud companies google, tata convince the corrupt state and central government that these frauds are online business owners to pay them monthly salaries. The state and central government will acknowledge the work done by maidservants and other household help,. though it is done at home.
Only because it and internet sector companies like google, tata are ruthless frauds and liars, some indian paypal account holders are treated worse than indian maidservants for the last ten years . Indicating the lack of HUMANITY, HONESTY in the indian internet sector, no one questions the fraud raw, cbi, google, tata employees on their BANKING FRAUD